IEC 61850 on HSR/PRP Communication Modules from SoC-e

SystemCORP and technology partner, SoC-e, a global leader of high value FPGA-based Ethernet communication solutions, have released an integrated IEC 61850 client/server on various SoC-e embedded modules.

SoC-e was founded in 2010 by a team of design experts in the field of embedded systems and networking technology. SoC-e have heavily invested in R&D to develop and optimise FPGA based embedded Ethernet communication modules allowing a short time-to-market design and minimising development risks.

The SystemCORP IEC 61850 software stack is used for the latest IEC 61850 enhanced Reference Design, based on SoC-e’s SMARTzynq field-proven module. This module is based on a Xilinx Zynq SoC, with a dual core ARM processor kernel. Linux is used as the integrated software operating system. The fully integrated FPGA targets communication solutions, such as HSR/PRP high availability protocols, IEEE 1588 synchronisation protocol, and customised packet switching as FPGA core logic IP from SoC-e.

2018-08-30T15:15:24+08:0029 August 2017|
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