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SystemCORP VT/CT Interface Board

Sampled values in IEC 61850 are normally derived from secondary Voltage Transformer (VT) and Current Transformer (CT) circuits in a substation.

The Intel Smart Grid IoT Platform provides high precision analogue inputs catering for a maximum peak-to-peak voltage of 1.25V.

AC measurements in a substation are typically 110V for voltage measurements and 5A for current measurement provided by secondary VTs and CTs.

The SystemCORP VT/CT Interface Board provides isolated and safe VT and CT interface channels for the Smart Grid IoT Platform allowing a direct connection of the development platform to secondary VT and CT circuits in a substation or any protection relay testing equipment simulating VT and CT circuits.

If required each channel can be individually calibrated over a range of 40% using multi-turn trim potentiometers.



Interface the Intel Smart Grid IoT Platform to primary VT/CT circuit in a substation or to any protection relay test system.  


Typical System Setup


  • 4 x isolated AC Voltage Input Channels 110V
  • 4 x isolated AC Current Input Channels 5A (1 Amp CT interface on request)
  • VT/CT input channels surge protection according to IEC 61850-3
  • VT/CT Accuracy Class 1 (1%)
  • Individual hardware calibration option for each VT and CT channel
  • Touch proofed design of VT and CT inputs
  • Standard SMA Type Connectivity to Intel Smart Grid IoT Platform

Technical Specifications

Maximum Input Voltage (RMS)
AC 110V
Maximum Input Current (RMS) AC 5A
Input Frequency
Output Voltage (Peak-Peak) -1.25V to +1.25V

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