Engineering for Smart Grid Applications and Products

SystemCORP Energy has a dedicated and highly skilled engineering team specialised in embedded software and hardware design. Engineering services offered focus on Smart Grid Technology.

We have developed the Application Data Hub (ADH) ready-to-use Smart Grid software package, which easily can be adopted to most embedded systems commonly used in data gateways, data monitoring and control products. 

Ready -to-use software configuration and diagnostic tools are an integral part of our Smart Grid Software package.

Our engineering team are specialised in integrating all communication and automation applications required for your Smart Grid products. 


Smart Grid Hardware Solutions

We are specialised in OEM hardware product design

Hardware Design

From your idea to the finished product. We are the experts for data communication, automation and custom specific product solutions. This also includes ruggedized product versions. We make it work for you.

Smart Grid Communication and Automation

Communication and Automation Software Solutions

Embedded Software Design

We are specialised in integrating IEC 61850 and other Smart Grid communication protocols together with IEC 61131 progammable logic controller applications

IEC 61850 Software Tools

Simplify your IEC 61850 product configuration philosophy with our OEM tools

IEC 61850 Modelling and Device Configuration

We integrate re-distributable IEC 61850 IED configuration tools for easy on-site configuration tasks. Enquire about our OEM IED Configurator tool.

IEC 61850 Consulting and Advanced Implementation Training

Become an Expert!

Consulting and Training

Providing personalised training and support to our customers is part of our business philosophy.

We come to you or you come to us to strengthen your IEC 61850 knowledge securing a competitive advantage for your company.

Why Choose Us

  • Hardware and software design from a specialised engineering team 

  • Years of experience for ruggedized product design

  • Reliable in-house IEC 61850 knowledge base 

  • We are also working in real substations

  • Large customer base around the world

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