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Technical Support

SystemCORP is transitioning into the Fundamentals team and as a part of this, we will be changing how we handle technical support enquiries.  
The portal will be closed at the end of 2022 and the [email protected] email address will no longer be the way to get in touch with our team. 
We have streamlined our support channels based on the product you are using, please use one of the options below 

Cube SGC and eNode Designer

Have an issue configuring the Cube SGC? Or are not sure which settings to enable in eNode? Then contact our friendly team in the UK via [email protected]

ADH Software and Communication Protocols

Struggling to get your IEC 61850 GOOSE control block subscribed? Or mapping control schemes in the ADH? Then get in touch with our Australian team of communications experts who will get your data flowing in no time via [email protected]

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