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Terms and Conditions

This page displays a number of SystemCORP Energy Terms and Conditions.


Standard Terms and Conditions

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End User Software License Agreement

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ICD Designer Software License Agreement

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Privacy Policy

  1. Who we are
    SystemCORP is a company focused on power automation, and this website is for informing users about SystemCORP. For more information about SystemCORP see about. The website also includes content from third parties, including but not limited to Google and Facebook. They are required as part of the website to incorporate functionality that these parties provide. Third party content will have a link where you can find their privacy policy and their agreement. The SystemCORP website server and main office is in Australia. 
  2. What we collect and why we collect it
    If you do not directly enter personal information, SystemCORP collects no personally identifiable information. The feedback form/contact us requirements may require you to enter contact information so SystemCORP can respond to your query.
    The licensing login system may require a username, email, and/or password to identify your account and to contact you for any issues. Passwords are stored as cryptographic hashes with salts in order to protect them against data breaches. 
  3. What you can do
    If you do not agree to the data collection policy outlined above, stop using the site and there will be no future data collected. If you wish to remove previous data, contact SystemCORP and let us know who you are and what data you wish removed. If you wish to know what data has been collected, contact SystemCORP and we will send you a copy of the data we have. 
  4. What we do not do
    We do not share any data collected by SystemCORP with third parties without approval provided by the end user. 
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