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Fundamentals exist to solve problems; our products and solutions have been improving the health and performance of the electrical grid for 25 years.
The invention of TAPP and SuperTAPP relay and acquisition of Ferranti Tapchangers and legacy GE Tapchangers have established Fundamentals as the market leader in voltage control. Fundamentals is now a full-service international company, providing products, services and consultancy for utility and private network/systems operators. Fundamentals global client base includes transmission, distribution, industrial, commercial and public sector. Fundamentals range of products include cutting edge AI fault detection and location solutions, FPI’s and LV Regulators. Fundamentals team of specialist Engineers and Technicians offer turnkey AVC installations, Condition Monitoring and diagnostics, maintenance and refurbishment of all types of LV and HV assets up to 400kV.
Based in Swindon in the UK and servicing the globe, the Fundamentals Group consists of: Fundamentals Ltd, Fundamentals Australia, Powerline Technologies Ltd and Ferranti Tapchangers.
Fundamentals can provide the total solution to managing electrical assets through and beyond the energy transition.

Intel® is a world-wide technology company and the world’s largest semi-conductor chip manufacturer, and has extended its range through to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sectors through its Market Ready Solutions programme. 

SystemCORP Energy is working closely with Intel™ with its software solutions for substation communication and automation and in development of new technologies, and are a member of the Market Ready Solutions programme.

Advantech is an international technology company focused on embedded computing, industrial automation and intelligent communications. 

SystemCORP Energy have partnered with Advantech and are working together to offer substation communication and automation on their well-known, ruggedized, stable and powerful hardware solutions. This creates a hardware/software combination that is difficult to match. 

SystemCORP Energy have been working together with Netted Automation to make IEC 61850 accessible and easy to use for those just starting out with IEC 61850. NettedAutomation has an impressive range of experience in IEC 61850, IEC 61400-25, IEC 60870-5-10x, IEC 60870-6 TASE.2, IEC 62351, NP3, IEC 61970 CIM, IEC 61968, IEC 61158, IEC 61499, IEEE 802.3, and ISO 9506 MMS to name but a few. Owner and founder, Karlheinz Swartz, has been working in the Automation space for over 30 years and is also the key contributor to the popular IEC 61850 blog.

TQ offers the complete range of services from development, through production and service right up to product life cycle management. The services cover assemblies, equipment and systems including hardware, software and mechanics. Customers can obtain all services from TQ on a modular basis as individual services and also as a complete package according to their individual requirements. Standard products such as finished microcontroller modules (minimodules) complete the range of services. SystemCORP Energy have partnered up with TQ Components to offer ourPIS-10 IEC 61850stack on TQ’s embedded module theTQMa28. The TQMa28 System on a chip (SoC) is based on the i.MX28 processor. This is a 32-bit ARM9 processor.

Beck IPC GmbH offers customers products and services for all aspects of industrial control technology and communication. The increasing level of integration offered by Beck IPC control components, together with their ever decreasing space requirements, are outstanding features that provide the basis for many product developments in all areas of industry. Among their product range Beck offer starter and development kits for IEC 61850.Their DK61 contains all the hardware and software components required for the fast development of custom applications which includes SystemCORP’s PIS-10 IEC 61850 stack. This enables users to quickly develop and test IEC 61850 based applications.

infoteam Software AG has been developing software solutions and systems since 1983. The international customer base includes the leading companies from the automation industry. The primary focus is: embedded systems and engineering tools for control systems, drives, components, interactive systems, machines and process industry. OpenPCS is infoteam’s well established IEC61131-3 and IEC61499 compliant programming environment for developing control applications. infoteam Software AG is certified according to ISO9001 and IEC61508 and has an office in Beijing, China.

Cloud Tech is a software house specialized in implementing IEC 61850 application throughout China. Their dedicated engineering team has over 50 men year experience in implementing IEC 61850 software application for OEM products and also offer turn-key product design for the electrical utility industry. SystemCORP Energy has partnered with Cloud Tech for local engineering support joint product design in China.

Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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