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IEC 61131 PLC

 An IEC 61131 Software Programmable Logic Contoller (PLC) is available as part of the Application Data Hub (ADH). This can be used to perform all user-specific logic, and can contain any or all of the data points and commands in the system. 

A key feature is complete support of single-stage and multi-stage commands, which fully integrates the ADH and PLC.

The IEC 61131 implementation is provided by infoteam in Germany, and configured via the infoteam OpenPCS software. This allows programming using any of the IEC 61131-3 languages:

ST Structured Text
IL Instruction List
LD Ladder Diagram
FBD Function Block Diagram
SFC Sequential Function Chart



  • Complete control of the information available to the PLC logic. This includes:
    • Any data point
    • Any command point
  • Can generate data and commands freely according to PLC logic
  • Programmable at run-time
    • The PLC program can be modified without changing the configuration in eNode Designer or the rest of the ADH.
    • Live access for viewing process data or debugging

Technical Specifications

Our IEC 61131 implementation is provided by our partner infoteam software AG. For more information about IEC 61131 please see their product page here.


Download our technical paper presented at the APS conference in Brisbane demonstrating how to integrate highly complex IEC 61850 communication models with simple automation interface for process automation engineers.

Simplifying PLC Automation with IEC 61850

By using SystemCORP’s ADH software, data, quality flags and commands can now be mapped easily into an IEC 61131 Software Programmable Logic Controller with standard programming languages well-known to automation engineers.

IEC 61131 is integrated in our ADH software package. Please refer to our ADH product page for more information.

eNode Designer

The IEC 61131 software PLC is fully integrated into the ADH, allowing user-defined logic and controls for all data in the system. eNode Designer is used to configure the ADH including which points are available to the PLC and automatic PLC project generation.

Download eNode Designer setup with examples

This package includes a sample eNode Designer project for the STKa335x development kit including PLC project under “Example Projects/PLC and 61850 Example”


PLC Configuration Tool – infoteam OpenPCS 7.0.4

OpenPCS PLC Configuration Tool is developed by infoteam to allow programming PLC logic. OpenPCS is required if you are planning to use the IEC61131 Progammable Logic Controller (PLC) in eNode Designer.

Download OpenPCS installer

Download eNode Integration package

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