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IEC 61850

SystemCORP understands that IEC 61850 can be a very complex communication protocol, this is why our focus is on ease of use and accessibility. To accomplish this we have integrated the underlying protocols that make up IEC 61850 and the core IEC 61850 process and control logic together under one easy to use API to create the Protocol Integration Stack 10 (PIS10) for IEC 61850. 

Our stack is so easy to use that given a CID file you can have an IEC 61850 server running on your platform with just four API function calls and that is including reporting and GOOSE functionality!!

Our stack is not just an MMS stack – we have already implemented and provided the IEC 61850 layer which makes it a true IEC 61850 stack. We also provide you with the API which will dramatically decrease the time-to-market for IEC 61850 applications and improves the usability for software developers and engineers alike. We have developed our stack to suit the needs and requirements of the Utility Industry. SystemCORP has a strong background in Substation Control and Automation having a combined 50+ years working on the ground in this area. It is with this background that we developed our stack to be user friendly, future-proof and to provide affordable solutions no matter how big or small the project. Version 2 our stack is now available. Version 2 offers both Edition 1 and Edition 2 support. We support users to integrate Server and Client functionality into their own applications easily. Our stack is portable across various platforms and has been used and implemented across the world.

Faster IEC 61850 Development

We provide an IEC 61850 Stack (not just an MMS stack) with an easy-to-use API that makes upgrading to newer editions of IEC 61850 simple as we continually maintain the source code. Using SystemCORP’s IEC 61850 stack you can write your first IEC 61850 application in minutes! See our typical timeline for developing IEC 61850 products using our stacks and other stacks.


Fast Deployment

Our software has been packaged for rapid deployment as an ANSI C library allowing the porting to any commonly used operating system.

The IEC 61850 software is delivered as easy to use a C library tailored to various target platforms. Our simple licensing system caters for your product as target specific libraries.

Edition 1 and Edition 2 Support

Version 2 of our stack supports both Edition 1 and Edition 2 features. It is possible to select which version (edition 1 or edition 2) that will be used by setting a flag. The stack supports MMS, and GOOSE functionality as well as buffered and unbuffered reporting. Data sets can be defined dynamically by a client or defined in the SCL file using the ICD Designer which is part of a suite of support tools.


New features available in Version 2

  • Dynamic Datasets –  both persistent and non-persistent data sets.
  • LGOS – GOOSE Subscription monitoring 
  • Support for Ed2 Controls – This version includes full support for the new control models as described in 61850-7-2_Ed2.
  • File Transfer – MMS File Transfer server has been added to this version. 
  • Support for Arrays – Support for IEC61850 array objects has been added to this version, please read the documentation in
  • GOOSE subscription in server type IEC61850 objects is supported, for more information, see the Application Note.
  • MinTime and MaxTime in GOOSE Transmission.
  • Transient type reports are now supported and perform as specified in the standard.
  • Reporting has been updated, this will now correctly release and unreserve subscribed reports once the connected client disconnects.
  • Indexed reporting is supported
  • GOOSE transmission has been updated and should now publish faster than previous versions.
  • Beh stVal’s will now be updated when Mod stVal changes.
  • MAC address automatically detected from the IP address of the device if MAC is not present in CID file.
  • Error Codes have been updated to improve meaning.
  • Callbacks added for Command Termination, Last App Error, Operative Test Callbacks(Ed2), Questionable values, File Transfer.

Supported Platforms

  • Embedded Linux (ARM, Coldfire, Power PC)
  • Generic Linux, Ubuntu, Debian(X86, X86-64)
  • Beck @Chip SC1x3 RTOS, SC145 RTOS LNX
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Other platforms available on request (Contact us at [email protected] for more information)

IEC 61850 V2 DLL Demo


Download Demo Archive

Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • WinPcap or Npcap in WinPcap compatibility mode
  • Visual Studio 2017-2019 – to compile the provided example projects 

The evaluation DLL includes an intentionally simple example of a Server, Client and Server GOOSE Subscriber using a Command window and command line inputs. The source code will allow you to modify and compile your own examples with the features of your existing development environment to work with our 61850 DLL. Also, use the ICD Designer Demo above, to create your SCL files.

Download the getting started PDF document here too.

Getting Started with IEC 61850 DLL

This demo will run for 3 months and is limited to 50 DAIs that can be loaded.

Contact us today to extend the demo or purchase a full license for the library.

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