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ADH – Application Data Hub


The Application Data Hub (ADH) software is a flexible and complete data communication and process automation package ready to be integrated in your embedded or x86 platform based Smart Grid product.

Based on a distributed real-time database and application management system it allows the integration of almost any SCADA communication protocol as client and server.

Fundamentals offers the most commonly used communication protocols such as IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, DNP3 and Modbus, as well as cloud communication options via JSON over MQTT.

An IEC 61131 compliant programmable logic controller extend the capability of the ADH as true virtual Smart Grid application ready to be dropped into any embedded or x86 based product platform.

Our flexible software licensing system caters for your product specific ADH application configuration.

For ADH application configuration our eNode Designer configuration tool is available, which simplifies system engineering resulting in reduction of project costs and implementation time.

ADH – Distributed Application Manager and Real-Time Database

The ADH application manages all implemented communication and automation software applications during system start-up and monitors the status of the applications during normal operation.

The system real-time database, as part of the ADH, receives all data point changes from any implemented application, uses that information for managing a real-time database image of the entire system and re-distributing of data point information according to configured mapping tables.

Handling of simple and enhanced security command structures is an integral part of the ADH.

The ADH and associated software applications can be distributed in a multi-processor system and linked through an Ethernet network.


Target Platform Software Integration

Product specific software applications are used for integrating the ADH software on a target platform. Typical product target platform software applications include the integration of physical inputs/outputs and communication port drivers.

The product specific software applications plug into the ADH software the same way as ready-to-use applications.

The eNode Designer allows product specific configuration options to be added to the product specific integration software.



  • Protocol conversion between
    • IEC 61850
    • IEC 60870-5-101
    • IEC 60870-5-103
    • IEC 60870-5-104
    • Modbus
    • DNP 3.0
  • Integrated PLC- fully compliant with IEC 61131 standards
  • Supports various software operating systems¬†
    • Linux variants (including embedded platforms)
    • Embedded real-time operating systems such as Beck RTOS
    • Microsoft Windows
  • Time synchronization using SNTP client

Supported Operating Systems

All ADH software components are suitable for almost any operating systems. The most popular operating systems are:

  • Standard and Real-Time Linux for embedded systems
  • Linux Ubuntu and Debian for x86 architecture
  • Windows operating system for x86 architecture
  • Anybus/Beck-IPC Real time operating system RTOS LNX


Hardware Target Platforms

A variety of different processor types and computer platforms are suitable for the Application Data Hub. This also includes SoC (System on Chip) assemblies:

  • X86 Architecture based computers
  • ARM based processor families
  • Intel Atom 64 bit processor families
  • Freescale Power PC
  • Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone
  • Anybus/Beck IPC@Chip with RTOS LNX

As part of our service we consult on the suitability of operating systems and verify hardware platforms specifications.


Software Structure


All included communication protocols such as IEC 61850 and the automation software IEC 61131 are ready to use applications, which only require configuration from the eNode Designer.

ADH Software Integration training and project specific workshops can be offered on request.

eNode Designer

eNode Designer is the graphical configuration tool for the ADH.

Click here to go to eNode Designer download page


ICD Designer

The ICD Designer is used to create and modify standard IEC 61850 configuration files (SCL/CID/ICD/SCD/…). These files are imported into eNode Designer and mapped, to configure the IEC 61850 server and client in the ADH.

Click here to go to ICD Designer download page

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